Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that to be a TOP Real Estate Agent you need proven strategic processes executed in your business. With established consistent process you naturally procure more referrals and new business - giving you a solid advantage over the competition.


Justin is eager to assist and support our business in every way, which leads to a seamless and successful transaction!

-Sharon Wisniewski, REALTOR®

Meet the Founder

With over a decade of sales and marketing experience, Justin has a powerful understanding of business development and organizational management to identify weak areas of a business and build strong process that eliminates inefficiency and increases sales exposure, maximizing profits. Justin started his career in retail where he quickly advanced into leadership roles that expanded into hyper-focused projects among sales and marketing processes. He now partners with businesses to develop and implement proven strategic processes into the business model.

Justin Ortiz

Founder & REALTOR®


Justin is AWESOME!! We all wish there were more like Justin! He is quite skilled, always ready to be helpful, and patiently passes his knowledge to anyone. His approach is so easy-going, but at the same time one can tell he truly cares. I could go on and on, but really I cannot say Thank You to Justin enough! You are the best, Justin!! Thank You

-Jimmy Carlson, REALTOR®

Your SUCCESS is our priority...

Contact us today to start executing at an exponentially higher rate. Remember, delegation is the key to elevating your business and becoming a TOP agent and giving you the POWER to close more deals.